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To feel better, you need to identify the cause, with these great health checker tools you can.

Get additional advice and treatments so you can diagnose and get back on track quicker than you imagined.


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With a wide range of easy to do and accurate at home kits, you can put your mind at rest, or combat illness by learning about it early.

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The great benefits of at-home testing:

  • No need to take time off to visit your physician
  • Accurate and confidential results
  • Discrete delivery
  • Follow up medical support
  • Customized plans to follow

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Not familiar with at-home testing?

We have your questions answered here:

How accurate is an at-home test?

Kits are analyzed in state of the art labs across the USA and highly accurate. So you can feel confident that the test results you're sent, are reliable and clearly explained.

I'm looking for privacy, I don't want people to see I've ordered a test. Is it discreet?

You'll find the tests come in discreet packaging and won't let on what's inside.

The results can also be received on your mobile phone, so no need for them to come in the post. Which means they arrive faster and give you peace of mind much quicker.

How do the tests work? Are they intrusive?

Depending on the test you're interested in, the kit will ask you to do one of a few things, may be a combination:

  • finger prick
  • stool sample
  • urine sample
  • nasal swab

If you’re ordering more than one, remember not to get them mixed up or reuse the swabs!

I'd like to monitor my progress and see if the changes I make are improving things, can I set up a subscription?

You'll find a lot of the tests are heavily discounted if you sign up to a subscription.

This can provide you and the medical support team a steady flow of data to monitor your progress.

This is vital to maintain a healthy balance and we find it helps keep people committed to the changes they're making.

Check out our partner websites when purchasing and see how much you could save, and learn with a subscription.

How much is postage? Do I need to pay to post the kit back?

You'll find most providers have free discreet delivery each way. It's all part of the service.

Be sure to check our partner's site as you purchase to confirm their approach.