Benefits Of At Home STD Testing Kits

80% of sexually transmitted diseases are asymptomatic (do not display any symptoms), however, if symptoms do occur, they are likely to present themselves within two weeks of disease. If you’re worried, at-home STD testing makes getting checked easy, quick and safe.


If you are looking for peace of mind without a trip to the clinic, an at-home STD test offers a discreet and convenient service with fast results. You can also start treatment discreetly with prescriptions provided at no extra cost.

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How It Works

STD testing at home is gaining in popularity and has never been easier.

  • At home STD kits arrive in plain, letterbox friendly packaging, with no reference to the supplier or provider visible, for a completely private testing experience.
  • Returning your sample to an accredited laboratory is free of charge using the prepaid shipping label provided.
  • Confidential results are available from a personal and secure online account within 2 to 5 days.
  • If your results are positive, medication is provided free of charge and delivered to your door. There’s no need to visit the clinic or doctor's office.

Services such as LetsGetChecked have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals available 24/7. They are on hand to explain your results and provide the best treatment options depending on your personal circumstances.

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Who’s At Risk?

Most STDs are passed from one person to another during sex - especially if you don’t use a condom or other type of protection! It’s a good idea to get tested regularly even if you do not have symptoms, especially if you have recently changed partners. The only way to know for sure if you have an infection is to take a test.

As many STDs do not have symptoms, early detection and treatment is vital to avoid long term consequences. If you test positive, you will be able to start treatment immediately and avoid passing an infection to a partner.


Symptoms of STD’s include:

  • Painful urination
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Rash on the genitals and/or anus
  • Itching or irritation on the genitals and/or anus
  • Unusual lumps or bumps around the genitals and/or anus
  • Change in color of the male or female discharge
  • Abnormal discharge in terms of smell, consistency or volume
  • Strong vaginal odor
  • Painful erections

If you are experiencing any of these, you should seek support as soon as possible.

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About The Health Checker

Putting people at heart of everything we do, The Health Checker is working in partnership with LetsGetChecked to provide STI testing, diagnosis and treatment. Their services are easier to use, access and understand, delivering a discreet, convenient and clinically safe experience.

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