Funeral costs have been escalating at double the rate of inflation for the past 30 years.

How much would your funeral be when you pass…?

On top of these higher prices, your loved ones would be left to organise things at the worst time possible, when their emotions are that their rawist.

They would be left to organise…

  • Choice of cremation or burial
  • Which songs or hymns to play
  • Where to hold the wake
  • Paying out for Doctor fees
  • Organising death certificates
  • Arranging the whole funeral

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With a funeral plan in place from as little as 64p a day;

  • All the costs are paid, regardless of how long you live and what the costs could escalate too - your children don’t have to worry about paying, it’s done.
  • All of the arrangements sorted, set out as you intended, less stress and no second guessing on your loved ones or children.
  • At the worst time, all of the costs and all of the arranging - down to as much detail as you’d like to provide - is all ready done. Your loved ones would just have to make one phone call to put your plans in to action.
  • Your loved ones can be left to grieve and remember the good times.

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